soap operatic pamphlet
published in thawed, Volume 1, Number 1

“Rear Window: Stories in Architectural Section!” is a graphic pamphlet that straddles architecture, cinematic typography, and soap opera. Social interactions occurring in adjacent locations reveal short melodramas. The drawings explore storylines of urban adjacencies that dramatize exaggerated realities. Each two-page spread features a sectional vignette of two nearby buildings. By exploiting architectural section drawing as a medium, the project blurs voyeurism of the characters and the pamphlet reader. A stream of dialogue flows on the bottom of each page; dialogue on both sides of the spread correspond with specific characters. However, the identity of the speaker is not explicitly indicated. Ambiguities and mistaken identity ensue!

Project Team: Joseph Altshuler, Mari Gordon, and Hannah Altshuler // © CARTOGRAM 2010.