private property interventions

On The Fence is a proposal for strategic property line interventions along prototypical backyard borders. The project carefully inserts apertures and other playful devices that facilitate activities and interaction among neighbors. In turn, the border is re-delineated, undermining the authority of lot lines.

The architecture of On The Fence exploits the latent potential of two-sided adjacency to create and combine new collectives of neighbors and citizens. The project respects the discrete domestic differences that fences protect, but it challenges people on either side to interact in new ways. Even in the private haven of a fenced-in yard, there can be an opportunity for encountering the other—people different from ourselves. By privileging humorous scenarios, the project looks to ease the inherent tension and awkwardness that comes along with interacting with new people.

A lexicon of backyard leisure activities provides multiple program possibilities. By enacting and combining familiar recreation, activities that may have once occurred in isolation may now be shared by new participants.

Great fences make great neighbors.