fish farm & public maze; Brooklyn, NY

Fin’s Labyrinth encourages you to play with your food. Both a working fish farm and a new form of public amenity, this project uses the infrastructure for raising fish as a backdrop to a wide range of activities designed to entertain you while getting you acquainted with your next meal. The project consists of a field of fishponds and towers that create productive program pairs in their base and capital. Their height provides the potential energy for rainwater harvesting, filtering, and dispersal throughout the fishponds. At every opportunity, the inputs and outputs of fish farming, human activity and aquatic plant life are chained into productive ecologies wherein the waste of one system serves as the food for another.

Once arriving to the Labyrinth, you are presented with a choice of fish species: grouper, tilapia, etc. Choose wisely, your selection will have a lasting impact on your stay! After being assigned an individual fish, it is yours for the day. Name it, follow it, play with it, do whatever, it is up to you. Play Marco Polo as you wander through the maze by following your fish’s audio and GPS clues. Eventually you can catch it, have it cleaned and prepared in the Electric Stunning Fish Harvest Tank. Watch it from the Finema, which also shows fish related movies: Finding Nemo, A Fish Called Wanda, etc. Then, head upstairs to the seaweed bar and receive your bento box for a fishtastic dining experience. If you are not interested in the full day experience package, visit the markets along Navy Street on your lunch break for some fresh fish tacos.

Project Team: Joseph Altshuler, Stewart Hicks, and Allison Newmeyer // © Design With Company and CARTOGRAM 2011.