Essay published in Pidgin magazine's issue no. 16 on Fiction.

ABSTRACT: "A Casting Call for Affectual Characters" probes the dual role of The Architect as Storyteller and The Storyteller as Architect. With the assumption that good characters are required to make good fiction, this essay posits that Characters should be exploited as a projective tool for new architecture.

Affectual Characters are both representational and performative, but above all else, they privilege the fiction that their constituents project onto them rather than the reality of their geometry, topology, or construction. Character should be understood as both a subject (i.e. an actor in a story) and an attribute (i.e. a distinctive characteristic), each with physical and behavioral qualities. Like Hejduk's Berlin Masques, Affectual Characters collapse the clear distinction between subject and object. An Affectual Character is a subject-object that looks like it might get up and start walking around. By instantiating a momentary suspension of everyday life, it is both informed by and propagates storytelling.