CARTOGRAM is an architecture collective directed by Joseph Altshuler. We work in different permutations of project teams that include architects, artists, cartographers, writers, educators, and storytellers. Our design work ranges from small-scale objects to large-scale buildings, and it often exploits the scalar possibilities between furniture and houses and between houses and buildings. We also publish SOILED, a periodical of architectural stories that makes a mess of the built environment and the politics of space.

Much like the narrative and graphic potency found in the distorted maps that inspired our namesake, CARTOGRAM looks to intensify the fictive and storytelling potential in architecture. We aim to create meaningful spaces and objects that produce new publics and challenge people to interact in new ways. We believe that architecture can be both humorous and serious at the same time. We are cock-eyed but calculated optimists. Above all else, we believe that architecture must surprise and delight, rendering the world a wondrous place!

Joseph Altshuler is a founding partner of Could Be Architecture, LLC.

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